Tis the Season

Hello Guys!! OMG! I have missed you guys so much. I’ve been gone for over two months now and I missed my blog so much. I felt bad for taking such a long break but since October, school got really intense and I got very busy so I had to take the break. My midterm exams came with a storm… even if I knew my midterms were near, I don’t think I was mentally ready for the strain and work load so when they started, I got really stressed and subconsciously pushed Sayiee’s Lane aside.

Anyway, the semester is finally over for me now 💃🏽 and I’m sure everyone else is done with school and work as well so let me be the first to say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS SUNSHINES!!!!!! (I’m probably the last to say it but you know, the first to say it in Sayiee style 😂). I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday so far and are in the Christmas Spirit. My mind is slowly trying to get there, I have been listening to Jessie J’s new christmas album called This Christmas Day, relaxing, packing, watching tons of vlogmas and trying my best to get out of the school spirit and focus on having a great holiday with my family.

Well, that is all sunshines!! I just wanted to come on here to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year, update you guys on how I have been since my last post, and find out how you guys have been as well. Comment below telling me how your semester went or year went and how you are spending the holiday. Like I said above, I will be spending mine with my family and I am really excited to see everyone soon. I hope you all are also spending the holiday with your loved ones. Did you go Christmas shopping? I actually went Christmas shopping but I did mine during Black Friday and most of them were online so that was fun. Chat with me in the comments. I’d love to hear from you guys. Don’t worry, I’m back now so you can expect more posts from me.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS SUNSHINES!!! I love you guys!! Wishing you all a holiday filled with love, laughter, dance, peace and so much food. Don’t forget the reason for the season.. Our Good GOD!!! See you guys in my next post. Bye 😘



Cover Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash