Sayiee takes Los Angeles 🌴

Hello Sweethearts. Welcome back to my blog. So, I went to LA with my bae in March for Spring break. It was really fun and I thought I’d Share our experience and itinerary with you.

Day 1; We got to LA in the evening and couldn’t really do any activities. So, we spent the day walking around the streets of Hollywood. We walked through the walk of fame and honestly I’m glad I did that on Day 1 because it was my least favorite activity to do in LA. I don’t know what I was expecting 😂 but when I finally got there, I was extremely underwhelmed.

After that, we went to the Grove to have some dinner in Cheesecake Factory. The Grove was so beautiful and it reminded me of Dubai

Day 2; Day 2 was one of my favorite days in LA. We woke up, had breakfast and headed to Universal Studios to spend the day. Universal Studios was amazing. We got to walk through amazing places we see on tv shows and go on amazing rides. I was pumped to visit the walking dead exhibition and it was so crazy and scary. It looked just like the movies and there were walkers growling at us when we passed. It was so scary and one time we hit our heads 😂 We also went on the Harry Potter and Mummy ride which were so amazing as well. I can’t write everything we did on here but just know; I LOVED IT!!! It was an experience! I would definitely be going back. We stayed there from 11am to about 6pm and we still didn’t get to do and see everything we wanted to. It was amazing.

After Universal Studios, we went to the Grove again because we really loved it and I wanted to take pictures when it was still bright. We ate macarons, strawberry sorbet, and took many pictures.

To end our day, we went to the LA gun range. It was really loud but I really enjoyed it as well. It was a perfect end to a perfect day. I recommend you visit Universal Studios anytime you are in LA. Like I said, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Day 3; We spent our third day in LA wondering around. We didn’t really have a set itinerary for that day. So, we went where our spirits led.

Our first stop was Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. We really enjoyed visiting the Hills. Seeing the beautiful houses 🏡, the streets filled with palm trees🌴, the beautiful restaurants and luxury stores. It was really beautiful.

After that, we went to the Sprinkles Cupcake 🧁 ATM. We got some cupcakes and then headed right to Kreation Juice 🥤. It was located right next to the cupcake ATM and it was such a great, unexpected find. They served healthy smoothies and after we got our order, they started playing Fela 🥁 It was really fun and we loved our smoothies.

After that, we went to the museum of selfies. The $20 ticket came with a complimentary selfie stick which I loved. Overall, It was a fun experience. I wouldn’t go there again. It’s more of a one time thing unless they come up with really great designs. It was fun but it wasn’t that great. So after the walk of fame, the museum has to be my next least favorite place I went to.

To end our day, we went to a place they call “LA Live”. It was beautiful. It had beautiful restaurants, the Microsoft building was there, Staples Center was located there as well. We walked around a bit and then ate at a nice restaurant. I can’t remember the name but they served delicious steak 🥩 and sweet potato fries 🍟 I think it was called Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar but sadly I have no pictures to verify. We were pretty tired at that point. I really enjoyed the steak so I would definitely recommend them.

Day 4; Day 4 was our last day in LA and also one of my favorite days.

Our first stop was at the Hollywood Sign. It was really fun and beautiful up there. We used a car up but when we wanted to leave, there was no signal and we had to walk down the hill. That was a fun and interesting walk. We saw cool houses, luxurious cars, and cute views. We finally got to a street that had some signal and booked our Lyft. We really appreciated our walk down, we were glad there was no signal at the top if not we would have missed out on the walk experience.

After that, we headed to Santa Monica Pier. It was really fun and we went on some fun rides. The only problem we had that day was the weather. It was so cold in the Pier and we wanted to leave but we were having so much fun so, we stayed. We had fun, walked on the streets, ate food and then went to our next destination.

To end our day and trip, we went to the gun range again. Yes, we had so much fun the first time (well mostly my bf 😂) that we decided to go again. It was really fun actually. It’s one of those activities I wouldn’t have thought to do on my own but when I did it, I enjoyed it. It was just really loud. Even with the ear gear/ headphone thing they give you. It’s still crazy loud.

That’s all from my trip to L.A. guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I really loved L.A., It was extremely beautiful and I would definitely be going back. If you’ve been to LA, tell me in the comments your favorite places to visit. Don’t forget to like this post, comment and share with your friends. See you guys in my next post. Bye.