Rejection Almost Cost Me My Dream

Hi, my name is Sayiee and rejection almost cost me my dream.

As some of you guys know, I graduated from grad school in May and have officially transitioned into adulthood. But what you may not know is that I made a wild but guided decision to chase my dreams after grad school. A huge part of chasing that dream was waking up every morning and sending loads of partnership emails to brands. When I first started getting rejection emails back, I was very okay with it and proud of how I was handling it. I had expected some amount of rejection but ultimately, I believed in my dream and was certain that some brands would also believe in it. For full disclosure, I had started emailing brands since March of this year, but I hadn’t been giving it my full attention as I was focused on school but after I graduated, I started sending out more emails and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. And in the midst of all the emotional and draining things that have been happening, I got to a very unhealthy place and rejection almost cost me dream. Let me tell you how;


So, it was about three months and a week after my graduation and I remember sitting down, looking at my email and feeling super overwhelmed and discouraged. I would email about five brands in a day and on some days, I would never get a reply and other days, only one brand would send me an email telling me they weren’t interested. I closed my laptop and said a little prayer hoping that I’d feel better the next day. But unfortunately, as the days went by, the more discouraged I got. I started thinking I had made the wrong decision and was about giving up when GOD placed the right people around to remind me of my purpose, my “WHY” and all the reasons He gave me my wild, crazy dreams. I started watching the Crazy Faith series by Transformation Church and it blessed my life. Hazy Faith, Daily Faith, Lazy Faith, Trading Faith; these were all sermons that I needed to hear. The whole crazy faith series was made for me and I recommend you watch it on Youtube if you haven’t already. Just when I was about to give up, GOD sent me a word through Pastor Mike and through one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. Guys, I almost gave up on a dream I spent years dreaming and months praying relentlessly for. I forgot that my individual growth and progress was success, I forgot that there’s nothing more amazing than Gods timing, I forgot that rejection didn’t mean failure, and I forgot that these brands didn’t hold my destiny and purpose in their hands. God had been molding me for this purpose for years and years and years and in a split second, I almost let rejection cost me my dream.


These past few days have been days of clarity for me as I have started seeing things better. Like my friend told me “When you want to give up, it’s important you go back to the drawing board and remember what your “WHY” is.” And most importantly, she said “Don’t forget Sayiee, it’s okay for your Why to change. Sometimes things we used to love don’t fit into our purpose anymore and it’s okay to acknowledge that. It’s progress.” After hearing the trading faith sermon and talking to my friend, my mindset adjusted, and I realized the things I stated in this post. I’m so grateful for transformation church and for my friend and I hope that I am also able to impact your life with this part of my story.