Sayiee’s Guide to Silky Smooth Skin

Hi Guys, Happy New Month! I hope you guys are having a great year so far. We are already half way into the year and I hope you all are happy, at peace and living your best lives.

My Skin has been going through a lot lately and I incorporated some new products in my routine to try to tackle them. Some days go by and guess what; I’m washing my face in the morning and I am completely in love with the texture of my skin!! The texture was so smooth and I felt like I could literally rub my face every second for the whole day. My skin has not stopped feeling like that and I thought I’d share the “magical recipe” with you guys.

  1. Peach & Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask ($43.00)

I initially purchased this mask because I wanted to show my support to Peach & Lily when their collection dropped and also because I was curious about how a jelly like mask would feel and work. I used it for the first time and I was a bit uncomfortable. It stung a lot at first which it stated it would do in the instructions. I left in on and when it was time to rinse it, I was amazed. It literally felt like my skin had shed a layer and this silky smooth layer had “resurfaced.” I was amazed and kept using it once every week and I have never regretted purchasing this mask. My skin is loving it, I am trying not to touch my face every second because of it, and regarding the stinging; it stings a lot less now (I guess the skin just needed some time to adjust) .

2. Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum ($39.00)

This serum has been the perfect serum to use everyday and especially after using my resurfacing mask. The mask may be working wonders but this serum helps me nourish, hydrate and luck in the resurfaced silky and smooth skin that the mask produces. I absolutely love using it and I recommend that you get your hands on these products as soon as possible.

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