Life Update: Where I’ve been, Career, YouTube and Transitioning

Hola Mi Gente,

OMG! How are you guys? Happy April! How have you guys been? We have a lot to catch up on. I missed you all so much and I missed blogging with all my heart. It’s been months since I blogged consistently. I just came on here like once a month and I’m so sorry guys, I didn’t mean to do that.. life happened and that’s the tea I’m about to spill for you all today ☕️ So, let’s get straight to it.

School- So, praise the Lord!! This is my last semester and in less than two months, I’ll have a Masters degree. I’m so excited about that. School has been going great but I had my hardest school week ever at the beginning of this month. I was just so exhausted and I didn’t want to go to class. I hated the feeling guys, I just had to pray for strength every day that week because long story short, I was weak. So, if you’re reading this please say a prayer for me. A prayer for me to have the strength to finish this semester well.

YouTube- I’m not going to lie to you guys, I mentally checked out of YouTube. YouTube is a lot, like it’s so mentally draining especially when you aren’t sure what you’re doing. I hadn’t found a niche I really liked and felt like I was just posting things for posting reasons. Anyway, I have found a “niche” that I really love and hope to start posting videos again in June so please say another prayer for me. I’ll probably tell you guys more about it when I post my first video back. So yeah, long story short, I’m rebranding 🎉 I’m really excited for that and pray that it’s successful.

Career- So, like I said above, I am graduating in a bit and I am currently thinking about my career. What’s next for me? Will an Accounting career make me a billionaire? That’s scary guys. Very scary! I’m 22 years old, scared out of my mind that by the worlds standards “I should be a millionaire by 25” , married by 26, and have my first child by 27. So, what am I saying? I’m saying I’m scared but Thank you God, I’m at peace. I’m trying to learn how not to put the worlds standards on myself, as cliche as it sounds “enjoy/appreciate the journey” and take every milestone as it comes. Wow! That’s me getting as personal as I can. Ehh, that’s so weird. I used to think I got really personal with you guys until I wrote this section. Just know I was very nervous writing this part.

Blogging- Again, I’m going to be super honest with you guys. I haven’t been blogging because of laziness. When I think of standing up to take pictures of myself or products I just get tired. I could say something like “I’ve been soo busy with school” but tbh, I still have time in a day to watch four episodes of a 43 minute show on Hulu or Netflix so, I could probably spare one episode to take pictures and write a blog post. But I promise guys, I’m back, I will post and you will see consistency. Amen

Travel- So, I’ve been having fun traveling. I went to Dubai for Christmas 2018 and stayed through the new year, that was really fun. Then I travelled to Detroit and Chicago in February to visit and spend time with a friend, that was really fun. And for Spring Break, I travelled with Bae to Los Angeles and that was really fun as well. So there’s that.

Mental Health- Guys there was a time this year where I thought I was slowing getting depressed. Literally, I was so down, I thought something deep was happening. I started looking at potential therapists to visit but I got better. So, that’s awesome. I’m scared I’ll talk to a therapist and they’ll tell me I’m more screwed up than I think. Do you guys ever feel that way? Wow it’s been only 3 months in this year and I feel like I’ve had a whole years worth of emotions. But I’m a lot better now you guys. I promise. I’m happy, at peace, grateful and experiencing life. Someone told me I should still talk to a therapist that’s why I said I was scared. What if I get “un fine” when I see the therapist. What do you guys think?

Transitioning- Great News Guys, I’m Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. I’m super excited. I started thinking about going natural last year but I got home and relaxed my hair in January before braiding my hair. I took out my braids some weeks ago and thought to myself… I think it’s time to go natural. So, here I am. Please if you are currently transitioning, have transitioned or have had natural hair since birth please tell me your experience in the comment section below and recommend good products that will work for me please. Is Shea Moisture a good brand? I looked online and saw some good reviews but I’m skeptical. So please let me know. Thank you.

Language- I’m learning Spanish guys. Yay!! I’m so excited about it. I decided to learn another language and Spanish is that language I’ve always wanted to speak fluently so I decided to go for it. Sometimes I think I’m doing great and then I hear someone speaking Spanish and then I’m confused 😂 They talk so fast and I can only pick up one or two words at once. It’s just crazy but I believe with time, I’ll be fluent as well. I’m learning on Duolingo at the moment. If you have learnt Spanish what resources did you use? Please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll make sure I check them out.

That’s all guys. I know this post was really “deep/real.” I just wanted to get personal with you guys and catch up a little. Tell me what’s going on in your lives in the comment section and If you relate with anything I said here, please share your experience and advice as well. I missed you guys and I’m glad I’m back now. Have a great week and See you in my next blog post. Bye 💜