30 days of Gratitude...Happy September!

Happy New Month Fam!! Welcome back to the blog and welcome to a new season.

Today, I decided to share with you guys my August challenge. I did a 30 days of gratitude challenge and wrote down all I was thankful for as the days went by. Some of them were easy to come by while others were a bit challenging to bring up; I had to think deeply, search my heart, and look around me to figure them out.

I loved every bit of this challenge as it pushed me to see all the good around me and I thought I’d share my gratitude list with you all just incase you need something to be thankful for in this new season. I missed you guys so much and I hope you enjoy my list;

Day 1: Thank You GOD for loving me and my family beyond my comprehension.

Day 2: Thank You GOD for forgiveness. For Your open arms to receive me even when I put myself in a dark place. Thank You because You are the one who never leaves me behind.

Day 3: Thank You GOD for eyes that can see, ears that can hear, nostrils that can smell, hand and legs that move, a beautiful hairline and for overall health.

Day 4: Thank You GOD for providing for me and my family. You make sure we never lack and for that, I will always be grateful.

Day 5: Thank You GOD for the little victories and for all the battles You fight for us that we don’t see.

Day 6: Thank You GOD for good health and for a smart, wise and humble mind.

Day 7: Thank You for all the Dreams you placed in my heart.

Day 8: Thank You GOD for music and for a voice to sing and worship.

Day 9: Thank You GOD for Your grace over my life. Thank You for using me for Your glory even when I feel distant and overwhelmed. Thank You for peace.

Day 10: Thank You God for sleep and rest.

Day 11: Thank You GOD for dance. Thank You for the land, the seas, the beaches, the palm trees and all the beauty of the world.

Day 12: Thank You GOD for providing me with comfort, peace, joy, love, kindness, humility, strength and more. I love you GOD.

Day 13: Thank You GOD for the ability to learn from and take in beautiful art.

Day 14: Thank You GOD for my loving parent and siblings. Thank You for a healthy and supportive home.

Day 15: Thank You God for giving me the strength and ability to see the good in an evil and wicked world

Day 16: Thank You God for Your will for my life. Thank You because I know that as far as I’m alive, You are not done with me. Thank You because all the hurt, pain and rejection I go through are for Your glory and for my good.

Day 17: Thank You GOD for fellow believers in Christ. Thank You for filling their hearts and lives.

Day 18: Thank You GOD for all my friends across the world. Thank You for protecting them and loving them unconditionally.

Day 19: Thank You GOD for making me in your image. Thank You for my beautiful face, body, smile and personality. Thank You for my stunning heart.

Day 20: Thank You GOD for exercise; for treadmills and squats.

Day 21: Thank You GOD for strong women and men all over the world. Thank You for the people who you gave voices and platforms to change the world and to honor and glorify you.

Day 22: Thank You GOD for intentional living! For the ability to live an intentional life that is pleasing to you.

Day 23: Thank You GOD for life. Thank You for waking me, my family, and my friends every morning to see a new day. Thank You because we are alive and well.

Day 24: Thank You GOD for EVERYTHING!!!

Day 25: Thank You GOD for a successful month of August. Thank You for your inexhaustible, ceaseless love.

Day 26: Thank You GOD for discipline and hard/smart work.

Day 27: Thank You GOD for all Your plans and purpose for my life. Thank You because Your will be done in my life. Thank You because your will and purpose for my life always prevails.

Day 28: Thank You GOD for all my relationships; family, friendships, casual and romantic. Thank you God for love.

Day 29: Thank you God for open doors, new roads, and God given opportunities.

Day 30: Thank you GOD for peace, love, joy, understanding and more. Most importantly, Thank you God for Everything; for the big, the small, and the “just okay”. I love you so much GOD and I appreciate you.

I wish you all an awesome September. Don’t forget to shop my amazon faves above. Cover photo by Adrianna Van Groningen on Unsplash.com.