Life Lessons I Learned During My Master's Degree

It’s been five weeks since I got my Master’s Degree and I have been nothing but happy, excited, thrilled and scared. After graduation day, I remember waking up the next morning and thinking “OMG! What am I going to do with my life now?” It was so scary but so thrilling at the same time. I had gotten so good at going to school, writing papers, and doing assignments that no matter how excited I was about entering the real world, I couldn’t help but have a rush of shock, fear and excitement all at the same time. Life after school has been a lot of different things which I will probably share with you later. But for now, let’s talk about all the things I learned while earnings my master’s degree.

1). Know when to Stop

This seems like a weird thing but It was a very hard thing that I had to learn while getting my second degree. I’ve always enjoyed learning and being in school that I started thinking of just going on to earn a PhD immediately after. I started researching colleges and what program I’d like to study but as my master’s degree progressed, I started getting so exhausted. My last semester was the most exhausting, I procrastinated more, I slept less but thankfully I realized that I needed help with school. I started working in teams more to finish projects and I’m so grateful to all my colleagues. I don’t know If I would have survived my last semester without them. It was also at that time that I realized I needed a break from school. I love learning and may go back to get more degrees or certificates eventually but for now, I know it’s time to stop. I still have so much to learn in the working world and I’m so excited to dive in.

2). Things take time

From learning a skill to figuring out exactly what you want to do in life, things take time. But with social media and all these said and unsaid life checklists, it’s so easy to forget that. Infact, I tend to be in a hurry a lot. In a hurry to get to my goal weight, to graduate, to build my dream house, to be successful, and so many more things. One spring day, I sat infront of my window and watched a pink cherry blossom tree bloom. It was so beautiful to me, I had just seen the tree without leaves in the winter, then I saw it with pink leaves in the spring, then I saw it with white leaves, and now it’s green. That tree showed me what growth means. Growth takes time, sometimes seasons change but all in all, we not only survive, we thrive. I could only see that tree grow on the outside but I can only imagine what happened on the inside. Even as I went to school and watched some of my favorite professors teach, I realized it took time for them to get there. Yes, want the good stuff, be very ambitious and eager to have them but remember that both change and growth take time.

3). Get out of the Comfort Zone

I know people say this a lot but to be honest very few people practice it 😂. Let me tell you what I learnt; Comfortability doesn’t make the impossible happen. It isn’t magical and every groundbreaking, magical thing that I’ve ever seen in this world was created by people who left their comfort zone. So, here’s a piece of advice; Take the leap! The comfort zone is what it is; comforting but many times, it won’t build your dream.

4). Be an advocate of yourself

I’m so mad that it took me this long to learn this but I’m glad that I eventually did. Many times people will underestimate you, think they know what’s best for you, and laugh at you when your life seems upside down. When all these things happen, be your own advocate. I’m not saying reply to everyone but when it matters, support, protect and root for yourself. If people who matter underestimate you, tell and show them why you’re the best, if people who matter think they know what’s best for you, tell them why they’re wrong and why you know what’s best for you. Learn to be your best advocate because if you don't, no one else will.

5). Listen

I’ve always been a good listener but I learnt to listen on a whole new level during my master’s degree. In short, learn to listen; to God, to people, to your heart, to your brain, and to your gut. Listening is a beautiful thing people. It will save you from so much stress.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Tell me what life after school is/was for you in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like this post, comment and share. See you all in my next post. Bye.