The Best Makeup Products & Routine I've Ever Had

Hey sweeties, Happy New Year!! I missed you guys so much. I honestly didn't mean to take a break but something weird happened at the end of 2018 and I started feeling disconnected from my blog. It was a very sad feeling. I used to love my blog, I saw myself when I looked at it but one day I opened it and didn’t know what was happening. I can’t really explain how I felt but maybe one day I’ll talk more about it. When I was finally ready to post, I had major writers block and didn't have any ideas on what to post. I love posting on Skincare Sundays but I can’t post just that, I want my blog to represent who I am holistically and it wasn't doing that for me. So, I was forced to take a break but I’m back now guys!!! YAY!!! I’m so excited to share my holistic self with you guys this year and I hope you love all my content.

So, after all that talking and catching up, here’s the best makeup products I’ve ever had and used;



I have been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade for some years now and I still swear by it!! It gives me perfect, natural looking brows and I use the shade Ebony.



Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance primer is also one of my holy grails. I have been using it for three years now and anytime I try to use another primer, I always run back to this!! It keeps my makeup in place and my base always looks so beautiful when I use it.



Ever since I bought this Too Faced Born this way foundation in the shade Brûlée, my life has changed. PERIODT!!!



When the Too Faced Concealer launched, I heard many people talk highly of it and since I was ready to try something new, I purchased it in December 2018 and I immediately fell in love with it. The shade that I use “warm sand” is perfect and the formula!! You guys!! Too Faced has won my love with their foundation and concealer. It’s a DUO!!!


Setting Powder

Maybelline Loose Fit me powder is also a new addition to my collection and It has been doing great so far. I don’t crease at all except for some really hot days. I’m currently trying the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Instant Retouch Setting Powder and I’ll let you guys know what I think of it and which one I prefer soon.


Setting Spray

Urban Decay is my go to setting spray brand. I have used the de-slick oil control spray as shown in the picture and I am currently using the All Nighter setting spray. Both of them are perfect especially for my oily skin.



Okay! So, this Dior Contour and Highlight Palette changed my makeup game for real. I had been using the fenty beauty match stix to contour for a while and to be honest it was great while it lasted but since I started using this Dior palette I haven’t gone back. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever go back to cream contour. Powder contour is the way and this Dior Pallete just confirms that. They just need to add more shades because anyone even three to four shades darker than me can’t use it and that’s sad.



There’s no highlight like the La Peach Artist Couture X Jackie Aina highlight. It is so beautiful on my skin. So glowy and so magical! If there’s any makeup product I own the most, it’s highlighters; I buy highlighters all the time and for me, my top three will always be Becca Cosmetics rose gold highlight, La Peach, and Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife. There’s just no highlight like them AND YOU CAN TAKE MY WORD TO THE BANK!! Side Note: Becca has the best highlighters by the way… just saying.



Lastly, LIPS. This is my favorite Fenty Beauty product ever. Since it launched, I haven't used any other lipgloss. I love the Fenty Gloss Bomb very much. It’s a perfect shade and I basically use it everyday; even when I’m not wearing makeup.

These makeup products used together leave me looking flawless and stunning through out the day. I get so many compliments and my sister even complimented my makeup game when she first saw me in these products. She said I looked great and I had stepped up my makeup game and honestly, all that won’t be possible without the right products. I highly recommend that you try them. Comment below your favorite makeup products; I’ll like to know. See you you guys in my next post. BYE!!