Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask

Hello Guys!! Happy Friday and welcome to another Skincare Episode!! Today, I will be reviewing the Glow Recipe’s watermelon glow jelly sheet mask. “This one-of-a-kind sheet mask gets its jelly texture from a blend of watermelon extract and natto gum. It’s a sheet mask made out of watermelons that gives you all the benefits of the amino-acid rich fruit directly into the skin. The watermelon base gives the jelly a naturally translucent pink hue that’s almost invisible on the skin, meaning you can mask anywhere, anytime without anyone knowing what you’re up to. It’ll be our little secret.” (Quote extracted from the Glow Recipe website).


Cost: This mask cost $8. Personally, I think that’s quite high compared to other really good sheet masks I’ve tried. But let’s talk more and see if it was worth it.

Functionality: I bought this mask because I found it intruiging. It isn’t a regular sheet mask rather, it’s a jelly mask… how cool is that? It feels exactly like jelly and felt weird and cold when I was putting it on (but I mean, what sheet mask doesn’t feel weird at first). It has a pink tint to it but when I put it on, it looks clear. The mask came in two parts; one for the lower part of your face and the other for the upper part. It also comes with extra little parts that you can use to fill the rest of your face if the mask is too small. It fit my face and it was comfortable.

My thoughts: I think for the price, this jelly mask was worth it. It did its job! My skin felt amazing after I took the mask off and I didn’t feel like I had to put on my serums and moisturizer after. I felt very nourished and hydrated especially during this winter period. My skin was very dry and needed all the moisture it could get and this mask gave me just that.

Do I recommend it?: Yes! I recommend it very much. I know it’s of a higher price compared to our $3-$5 sheet masks but like I said above, It is worth it. I would buy it over and over again especially when my skin needs hydration and nourishment.


That's all guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will consider trying this mask. If you have tried it already, please leave a comment below telling me your thoughts. Don't forget to click the heart button below to like this post, comment, share, and Subscribe to my mailing list to get first dibs on all my posts. See you guys later. Bye!!