Pattern Beauty: Everything You Should Know Before Your Big Purchase

As you guys know, I recently stopped putting relaxer on my hair and have been transitioning. I also switched out all my hair products for Cantu products and have been loving it. I didn’t have any plans of trying any new hair products soon but then, a fave of mine; Tracee Ellis Ross launched her own hair line called PATTERN. I rushed to the Ulta store and picked up the hydration shampoo, intensive conditioner for tight textures, leave in conditioner, and jojoba oil hair serum. I recently had a wash day and thought I’d share my thoughts on the products with you guys.

Hydration Shampoo

The shampoo is actually one of my favorite products from the line. I absolutely loved using it and the best part of it was that it was actually very hydrating and gentle. Overall, It actually does what it says it does and my hair didn’t feel dry at all when i was done shampooing. They have two sizes for $9 and $20.

Pattern Beauty.jpg

Intensive Conditioner

The intensive conditioner for tight textures is my favorite thing from the line. If you are thinking of purchasing something from the collection and have 4b or 4c hair then I absolutely recommend the intensive conditioner. Firstly, the consistency is thick and smooth, and the fragrance is so subtle and amazing. Secondly, my hair loved it!! My curls were super defined, and it was easy to detangle. Lastly, my hair felt amazing after I rinsed out the conditioner. It felt healthy, nourished and hydrated. I have used a lot of hair masks and deep conditioners since I started transitioning and I haven’t seen anyone like this. In conclusion, I’m obsessed with it and I recommend it. They have three sizes for $9, $25 and $42.

Pattern Beauty.JPG

Leave-In Conditioner

I loved the leave-in conditioner! It was great and hydrating and it defined my curls. But for me, the real question is… Can I replace my Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream with the pattern leave-in conditioner? My answer is; I’m not sure. I absolutely love my Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream but maybe it’s because my hair is transitioning and right now, it meets all my hair needs. But at the same time, the way the pattern leave-in conditioner makes my curls look nourished and defined is unmatched. So, for now I’m going to use both of them and as time goes by or when I get a big chop, I will update you guys on which one I love most. They have two sizes costing $9 and $25

Pattern Beauty.JPG

Jojoba Oil Hair Serum

The jojoba oil hair serum is also nice. There isn’t anything magical about it for me. It’s like every other jojoba hair serum I’ve used, and it does the same thing. If you haven’t tried jojoba oil and want to support Tracee, then I suggest you get it but if you already have one, you don’t need to spend extra money. 

Overall, I love everything that I got. I wasn’t disappointed and my hair looked and felt better. I absolutely recommend it. It costs $25