My Highs and Lows of Blogging So Far

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my blog and Happy Tuesday!! I hope you guys are having a lovely month so far. Like I told you guys in my last post, I am so excited about this month because this blog will be a year old on the 16th and my youtube channel will be a year old on the 20th as well. It has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster so far and today, I'll be sharing my highs and lows of blogging so far. So, grab a cup of tea, wine, smoothie or water and let's get real.


1. Traffic: I'm not going to lie to you guys, my monthly traffic is no where near where I want it to be. I have been trying my best to make quality content and post as frequently as possible but getting traffic has been hard. I try to promote my content on social media and sometimes I even pay for facebook and instagram promotions. And even if a few more people read my posts from the promotions, I still don't get as much as I'd like to and not as much as the damn promotion said it'll get me 🤣. 

2. Taking Breaks: Speaking about traffic, taking breaks in the past really affected my traffic. I don't regret taking breaks at all because they were needed; with school and other life struggles, it is imperative that you take breaks and take care of your mental health. But the thing is my traffic isn't at that point yet where I have thousands of loyal readers that'll understand where I'm at always. It's just not! So, many times I have to spend so much time and money promoting my content when I return from my breaks. So I rejuvenate during my breaks only to come back and be stressed out again. Yeah! It is no fun. The danger of taking breaks is real.

3. Social Media Presence: I have really struggled with my social media presence especially on instagram. I follow many bloggers on instagram and I look at their feeds and I'm in love; they usually have themes, their feeds tell stories, and it's just beautiful. But I have to be honest with you guys; I just honestly do not have time for that. I don't like posting on social media a lot, I don't like taking pictures that's not snapchat selfies (I feel like taking professional pictures two times in a month and that's it), and to be honest if I had a photographer it'll be easier because the thought of taking pictures of myself myself 🤣 stresses me out. Another thing that stresses me out is themes. Even if I figure out taking pictures, I don't think I can do that theme thing. It's stressful. Please just love every picture I post. Maybe my own theme can be no theme. 🤣  Will you guys like that? Also, keeping up with fashion when posting, trying not to repeat outfits (you know, all these underlying instagram expectations). Yeah! instagram stresses me out mahn. I have followed and found out about a lot of bloggers because of their instagram feeds and I fear that people come across my feed and are just not impressed so they don't follow me and my blog which is really saddening. To be honest, If i ever follow social media religiously, It'll be because I have a social media manager so when I'm ready 😉 (Hint:💰), I'll get myself a manger. Till then, I'll try my best and hope for the best.

4. Feeling of Inadequacy & Thoughts of Quitting: To wrap up my lows, everything I discussed above led to me feeling inadequate in my journey so far. I would sometimes feel like I'm not good enough, I can't be a blogger, and I should just shut it down. However, I have had more frequent thoughts about being inadequate than quitting. I barely think about quitting because this is my passion and somehow I have managed to separate numbers from my love for blogging. But many times I still think "I'm wasting time, my traffic is low because my content is just terrible, and even if i continue blogging, i should never call myself a "BLOGGER."" It has been a rough journey but there have been many great times as well.


1. Inspiring People: Like I told you guys above, blogging is my passion and I started it to inspire as many people as I can all over the world and even if it's just one person I inspire when I post, I still feel very fulfilled and happy. As long as one person says that they liked my post and learnt something from it, I feel like I'm getting my job done.

2. Growth: I can proudly say that I have learnt a lot from blogging so far which has contributed to my growth as a person. It has truly been a great human capital investment. I learnt how to make a website, how to write, edit, make videos, and take photos (but not so much 🤣, I'm not a photographer). In addition to that, I know I just said my traffic is low but it has really grown compared to six to eight months ago. I look at my traffic especially geographically and I'm so thankful to GOD and everyone who keeps visiting and reading my blog posts.

3. Network: Lastly, I have had the opportunity to know and connect with few bloggers. I follow mostly Nigerian bloggers who stay in Nigeria so I have only had the chance to talk to them on social media. But from those talks, I've been given a lot of awesome advice, I've had people who are rooting for me who always remind me about why I started and why I should never quit. Honestly guys, my journey has been so smooth because of the awesome bloggers that give me advice and resources that I need for blogging. Thank you so much to all of you and special shoutout to Rhoda Kusimo of Adohr Speaks, Lola Akinkuowo, and The blogger Point for all the love and resources. You guys are literally the best. 

That's all guys, I hope you enjoyed this post. I know I mentioned only three highs but when you think about it, the quality of the highs outweigh the lows so yeah! Overall, It has been a rewarding journey. I love blogging and do not think I'll ever stop. I can't believe we'll be a year old on Saturday. That's crazy!!. Thank you guys so much for always reading and visiting my blog. It means a lot. Get ready to hear so many thank you's for the rest of the week 😹. I love you guys. Please don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe below so you never miss any of my posts. Bye!!

With love, 

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