My Worst Date Experience

Hello everyone. Happy new month!! Welcome back to my blog and Happy Friday!! I hope you guys had a lovely month of May and are looking forward to all the blessings and awesome things that this month will bring. I am so excited about this month because it is so special to me; this blog will be a year old on the 16th and my youtube channel will be a year old on the 20th as well. I can't believe it's been a year already, time really does fly. These next few weeks I'll be sharing my experience with blogging and youtube so far so, get ready and don't forget to visit this blog regularly to see all the fun posts. But to start the new month, I will be telling you guys about my worst date experience. This is going to be a very juicy story so, grab a bowl of popcorn, a cup of tea, wine, smoothie or water and let's begin.

It was a Thursday night: I was asleep when I heard a facebook notification pop up on my phone (my blackberry 🤣). I drowsily got up from my bed and stretched to get my phone from my desk. I picked it up and saw a message from this guy (let's name him Adam). Adam wrote "Hey Rakel (Yes!, he used to call me Rakel), I want to see you. Would you like to go watch a movie with me on Saturday?" I probably shouldn't have said yes but I liked Adam so I replied "Yes, where would you like to go? Genesis or Silverbird?" He replied "Cool, let's go to Silverbird. I'll meet you there on Saturday by 12pm." I replied "Okay, See you then." I was quite excited about this date because it was my very first date out of school. I was 15 at the time, Adam was 16, still in secondary school and this date was happening during our midterm break.

The Saturday came and I was so excited. I woke up, got ready, wore one of my favorite dresses at that time and left for the cinema by 11:30am. We were having a security issue around my community/estate so my parents had warned me to be back by 6pm and I agreed. I got to the cinema ten minutes before 12pm and sat down to wait. I texted Adam saying "I'm here now, where are you?" and he replied "I'm almost there, give me a minute" To cut the story short, Adam did not arrive until 4:30pm... I kid you not. I waited for hours for someone that told me that I should give him a minute. What an insult. I am actually really angry typing this because instead of leaving, I chose to stay and wait for this guy. I was really stupid for that. While I was waiting, many ridiculous things happened to me. A child coughed and spat in my face and my popcorn. A few men tried to chat to me and there was this particular one who made me feel so uncomfortable. He tried to even touch me inapproprately once but thank GOD for the attendant who came to my rescue and told the guy to step away (it's not something nasty 🤣 he was going to put his hand on my shoulder and that's inappropriate. He was a stranger). I was really scared but silly Sei decided to still wait for irresponsible Adam. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt y'all. I said to myself "maybe traffic is really bad, what if he got into an accident" I made all these stupid excuses and sat down waiting for him. 4 and the half hours later, my battery is at 10% and I see Adam strolling into the cinema apologizing to me, and blaming "traffic." I should have known it was just a silly excuse but I forgave him. I told him about the curfew my parents placed and he said "don't worry, the movie won't take long, we'll be out by 5:30pm." Again, I agreed and we went to watch the movie. Till this day, I still do not know why Adam was almost five hours late. That's ridiculous. He was probably with some other girl but hey what do I know? 🤣. I really cannot remember what movie we watched because we spent the time talking about some silly and sad things. Anyway, the movie was done by 6:15pm guys not 5:30 and my phone was now dead. I was stranded and scared because I couldn't call the driver to pick me up and so I decided to use Adam's phone to call my dad. My dad screamed at me, he was soooo upset, and he told me that the driver had been waiting for me for 45 mins now and I should "come on take myself outside and be at home immediately. 5 mins tops. If I don't see you at home in 5 mins Sei, you've got something coming." In fear, I told Adam bye, I left and I gained absolutely nothing from that date. It was the absolute worst. I wouldn't even call it a date. It was just a very horrifying experience. My dad was mad at me for some days. I had to apologize and I hate doing something wrong in the first place. It was truly an exhausting date.

Anyway, that's all guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Comment below telling me your worst date experience and if you have a blog or Youtube channel, share yours there and leave the link in the comment section and I'll definitely check it out. Thank you guys for reading. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe so you never miss a post. Bye. 

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