New Discoveries: Bloggers, Blogs and their Instagram Feeds

Hello Everyone. Welcome back to my blog, Happy New Month and Happy Sunday! I hope you guys are having a great month so far. Today, I will be telling you about some Nigerian Bloggers that I recently stumbled upon and have been loving. I like their content, I love catching up on their blogs and instagram feeds and I think you would enjoy them as well. So get ready to read and feast your eyes. Now, grab yourself a cup of tea, wine, or water, get settled and let's begin.

Khadijah Faleimu

Khadijah is a fashion, lifestyle, and christian blogger. I love her content a lot, I always spend my weekends reading and catching up on her fun and inspiring blog posts. Her blog is called "That Style Addict" and you can visit it at

To stay in touch with her on instagram, follow her here, @stylewithkhadijah

Fey Kamson

Fey is a travel blogger who makes me so happy. You guys know how much I love traveling and exploring the world and seeing a travel blogger always excites and intrigues me. I've always dreamt of being a travel blogger and I am working on that but for now I can live my dreams through Fey's blog and instagram feed. She even has a company called FNP Travel. The service her company provides is vacation planning. When she's not busy with her company, she spends time on her blog giving us travel tips, sharing her experience and so much more. She is a delight. Visit her website at

Follow her instagram at @feykamson

Vibes by Oyinye

When I discovered Oyinye, I was intrigued. When I say intrigued, I mean intrigued. It was just so awesome seeing someone who actually has a passion for yoga and specializes on promoting inner and outer healthy living. She is the founder of O'lifestyle Holistic which is a company that "Caters to people looking to balance their inner and outer self to promote healthy living." Yes! a company that actually cares about your overall well-being. Have you ever seen a company like that? Yeah! No. I started following her journey for a while and last year she launched her blog; "Vibes by Onyinye" and I have been loving it.

Visit her blog at

Follow her on instagram @vibesbyoyinye and follow her company on instagram @olifestyleholistic



As you can probably tell from that instagram feed, "Everything.Na.Art" is my soul sister. Her blog and her instagram feed make my day. She has a passion for art and shows that through her different experiences in life; travel, lifestyle, culture, community, and so much more. She says on her blog that ""Everything Na Art" celebrates the blurred lines between what we see with our eyes and how we perceive the images of the world around us through that same “lens”". I love visiting her blog and feed because it keeps me inspired. She truly is an inspiration.

Visit her blog at

Follow her on instagram @everythingnaart


If you guys can remember Iamdodos from my new and upcoming youtubers post, you can remember that she is such a fun and creative person. She is a beauty and style blogger and I have enjoyed following her and reading her blog posts.

Visit her blog at

Follow her on instagram @iamdodos_style

Alma Rex-Ezonfade

Alma is a style and lifestyle blogger. You guys know I'm a sucker for lifestyle and fashion so when I discovered her feed and blog, I couldn't stop reading. I love all her content and I love her fashion content even more.

Visit her blog at

Follow her on instagram @thealmachronicle

Onyekachi Opara

Kachi of staples is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. My favorite things that I enjoy reading on her blog are her decorating/DIY posts. I love reading the posts about decorating your home and office space. Her blog is very inspiring and helpful.

Visit her blog at

Follow her on instagram @kachi_of_staples

Hafsah Mohammed

Hafsah is a style blogger, youtuber, and founder of a modest fashion brand - Elora Collection. I love reading her blog posts because they inspire me. I feel like I can connect with her a lot through her blog posts and that inspires me. I love her following journey and I love her personality.

Visit her blog at

Follow her on instagram @hafymo and follow her fashion company @eloracollection

That's all guys. I really missed you guys. I'm sorry that I have not been posting frequently these past weeks. This semester is coming to an end quickly and projects are piled on at the same time. I will try my best to post as frequent as possible and once the semester is over, we can go back to our normal posting schedule. Please do not forget to check these beautiful bloggers out. Also, like this post, comment below, share, and Subscribe so never miss any of my posts. I'll see you guys later. Don't forget to DREAM BIG!

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