What to Wear for Valentine's (Ladies Edition)

Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Sayiee's Lane! I hope you all have been loving February so far. I have been seeing so many hilarious tweets about how fast February is going and many people are enjoying that so I hope you are enjoying it too. Still in the spirit of valentines; Today, I will be giving you guys ideas on how to dress up for your valentines dates. The day is coming closer and I know many people are shopping or digging through their wardrobe to find a perfect outfit and I have some ideas for you guys. So grab yourself a pen and paper and a cup of tea, wine, or water and let's begin.

When picking out what to wear for valentines day, you should consider four things; the location of your date, the time of your date, the weather, and the kind of date you are going for. These four things are very necessary to know what the perfect outfit is for you. Are you going to a bar, to a restaurant, to a gaming center, to a zoo, to a museum, to the movies, or to his house? Is your date during the day or at night? Is it cold or is it warm or is it hot? and Are you goin with your friends, your boyfriend/fiancé/husband, your family, or on a blind date? You need to answer those questions first before you start searching for what to wear.

Now, to make this easier for us, I have pulled some pictures of some of my favorite YouTubers from Instagram and will be telling you how and when those outfits can be worn for valentines.

I love Pajama sets. I think they are classy, cute, fun and perfect for valentines. They can be worn at any time; during the day and at night. You can wear this to the movies, to a bar, to a restaurant, to his house, and many more places. As you can see above, Shirley and Jackie look absolutely stunning rocking their pajama sets. I love the colors they chose. I think blue suits Shirley beautifully and green looks amazing on Jackie. And that leads me to another point you should consider when choosing your valentines outfits; you should think about what colors suit you best and use that to your advantage. When wearing these, you do not have to be picky with what shoes to wear because of the shape of the pants. You can just wear a black or nude sandal type heels and call it a day. You can be adventurous with what you want to wear inside the kimono (maybe a bodysuit like Jackie or a crop top like Shirley). You can pair this with a bag and minimal jewelry because you do not want to look "too much" and you don't want to take away from the print/style of the pajama set. For makeup, I will say it depends on what you are wearing but remember you do not want to take away from the outfit so be cautious. For me, I love that the ladies above are wearing nude lips with their outfits and would probably stick to that if I was wearing a pajama set. But like I said, do what suits you not what suits other people. 

Dresses are perfect for a valentines night out to a restaurant, a bar, or to his house. If you are going on a dinner date on valentines, dresses are a great option to wear. You can get super glammed up, wear a beautiful fitted dress and feel like a queen all through the night. Nikki looks absolutely beautiful in her black dresses and Hey! they say black makes you look slimmer 😉. So if you want to look extra snatched and all that, then finding the perfect black dress for valentines is the best option. I love black because then you can go all out with your shoes, jewelry and makeup. You get to choose any color you want to wear on your lips and legs. You can also pair your outfit with a clutch or a purse. Shirley looks so beautiful in her dresses as well. I love the first outfit and funny enough, when I saw it I thought of Dancing and Karaoke. I think it's the perfect dress for dancing salsa. The roses on the dress just scream happy and in love and the style of the dress screams dance. I love the red tassle earrings she paired with them. Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? I just see her dancing salsa with her handsome date for valentines. So if anyone is doing some dancing or singing and eating for valentines then that type of outfit is perfect for you. You may wear it during the day or at night. I actually like the outfit exactly as it is; without a bag. I think the dress, jewelry, shoes and makeup already make the outfit pop and if you add a bag it may just be too much. But I know some of us can't deal without a bag to carry our phone, make up, keys and other things so I'll suggest a small clutch (one that doesn't take away from everything). Basically, flowery dresses are a great idea for valentines. Shirley's second outfit is also so beautiful and simple. What screams valentines as much as Red dresses? Nothing! I love the style of her dress. I love that she paired it with gold jewelry and nude shoes. The nude shoes are hardly noticeable so it gives shine to the dress, and jewelry which is amazing. This outfit can be paired with a bag. And for makeup, since the dress is red, I would recommend a neutral toned eyeshadow and red or nude lips.

If your valentines date is during the day, I think these six outfits above are perfect for your date. You can choose to wear a casual dress to your date like the first three pictures or you can choose to wear jeans, a blouse or shirt, maybe a jacket and heels like the last three. You can wear these to a nice brunch, to the movies, to the museum or anywhere fun during the day. I love these outfits; the casual dresses and the jeans because they can both be dressed up and down. Just wear a pair of heels and you are ready for something classy and extravagant and if going somewhere fun and casual next like the gaming center then you can remove the heels and wear some flats or sandals and still look beautiful either way. For this one, I will say there aren't many rules because it depends on what you wear but don't forget to wear what suits you best. The colors that suit you, the shoes that suit you and your outfit, the jewelry that suits you and your outfit and the makeup that suits you and your outfit. Don't forget to pick one thing to put the focus on. If you are wearing a really nice dress then do the minimum with your makeup, shoes and jewelry.  If you are wearing a plain dress or a black dress then you can go all out with makeup, shoes and jewelry. Do not look too much. It's honestly distracting and bad for your date 😂.

Lastly, these outfits above are perfect for a super casual valentines day. Maybe there's a valentines function in your city where they'll be lots of food, music, art, face painting, games, rollercoasters, and a mini concert and you are going with friends and/or family and still want to look cute then this outfit is perfect. Or if you are having a strictly games day/night with friends at their apartments or at a gaming center then this outfit is perfect. A crop top or body suit, jeans, trainers, and a jacket are the perfect combination for having lots of fun while looking cute. You don't have to do much to this look; just wear light makeup, bring all your energy and get ready for fun!

That's it people! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and are inspired by some of these looks. The people I featured are Shirley B Eniang, Nikki Perkins, and Jackie Aina. Follow them on instagram and youtube. If you have other valentines look ideas, comment them below. On Friday, I will be doing a mens edition so make sure to come back and see how you can look good for your beautiful date. Please don't forget to like, comment, share, and Subscribe so you never miss a post. Also, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - Sayiee's Lane. See you on Friday. Bye!

NOTE: Cover Picture is from Google