2018 in a Nutshell

Hello Guys! Welcome back to Sayiee’s Lane. It’s 2 days away from the new year and I still don’t know how to feel. I feel nervous, excited, grateful, and overwhelmed.. It’s a lot of emotions to be feeling at the same time but overall, I feel ready for 2019.

2018 was a good year for me and towards the end of it, I collaborated with an amazing blogger. I participated in the book of 2018 series she hosts on her blog called DatOneLady. It was an awesome collaboration and I loved reflecting on how the year went for me. Click the link below to read the full interview with DatOneLady.


Here’s a snippet of the interviewl:

Q: 2018 in a nutshell?
A: In a nutshell, 2018 has been a season of investments and growth for me. I turned 21 at the beginning of the year and I have just been in a season of growth since then. It has been so fascinating going to grad school, meeting different people, and learning more about myself.

Q: How has 2018 treated you (how did you feel about 2018 in January and 2018 now)?
A: I would definitely say that for me; the highs have outweighed the lows. In my season of growth, I have gone through some of the hardest times. The lows were really painful to go through but in the end, I got stronger and I am truly grateful for that. The beginning of the year was quite a tough time for me but by the summer time, it had settled, and I started having way more fun.  

Q:Did you write down goals or resolutions for 2018 and how did you feel about them when they were written?A:Yes, I wrote down some goals for 2018 and I felt pretty confident about them at the time.

Q: If yes, can you share and were you able to accomplish them or how many have you accomplished so far?
A: My 2018 goals were mostly centered around grad school and my blog. For my blog, I had a goal to be more consistent, I even made a schedule for posting at the beginning of the year and it was going great until school really hit me. I started lagging behind and even when I thought I had gotten back and caught up, my professors were probably laughing at me in projects and deadlines . So yeah, that didn’t go so well; I guess I still have to include that in my 2019 goals. As for my school goals, they have been going really well actually. By the end of this semester I will be able to say if I fully accomplished them but so far, so great. Another goal that I set for myself towards the middle of the year was gaining confidence and enjoying the season of life I am in. I can say that I have fully accomplished the goal of enjoying my season. Immediately I figured out I was in the season of investments and growth, I started enjoying my life more and appreciating my journey. Regarding gaining confidence, I am still far away from fully accomplishing that goal, but I am proud of the steps I have made; I like to celebrate the little victories because they are just as important. 

Q: What were your 2018 wins? 
A: My biggest win in 2018 was growth. Like I said, I found out more about myself; my purpose, my passions, and what I’d like to do in future. Apart from that, I had other little wins like; My blog hit 700 views in one month, I saw Beyoncé and Jay-Z in their OTRII concert, I saw the Broadway Musical – Hamilton, Black panther was a win for all, and Crazy Rich Asians as well.

Q: What were your biggest challenges in 2018 and how did you overcome them? 
A: For me, my biggest struggle in 2018 was learning more about my faith on my own. Growing up in a Christian home and in Nigeria, you grow up learning everything about Christianity from your parents and the church. You’ve been told all these things and you’ve believed them all your life; then one day you wake up and realize you need to go searching on your own. For me, I started reading the Bible from the beginning (I have read 28 books of the Bible so far *insert dancing emoji*) and I have been spending time by myself seeking GOD and growing in my faith. People make it seem like you should be ashamed of having doubts sometimes or seeking answers to your questions, but I have found that GOD is there through it all. Through the times of doubt and uncertainty, he is often closer than ever. He makes sure that you know that He’ll always be with you. I’m still learning about GOD and growing in my faith and it has been a rewarding journey so far. 

Q: It’s coming to an end (2018), how do you feel about 2018?
A: Mahn! I am so grateful for this year. I was really put to test. The universe had it out for me (okay, fine! that’s an exaggeration, or maybe not. lol) but I was strong. I am proud of myself. I was incredibly patient with myself, I had times when I felt inadequate or less than others, but I didn’t let it pull me down. I loved myself immensely and for that I’m grateful. I turned 21 in January 2018 and indeed, 21 has been an epic year for me. It wasn’t the greatest year ever, but it will definitely make my top 5 favorite years since I was born. It’s funny I say that because the other years I classify as great, I like them because many fun things happened and there were not so many lows, but this year was different because I had really big lows compared to the other years. I guess, every low led me to an even greater high and there’s just something about growth and self-love that makes you glow inside and outside. 

Q: What is your take away from 2018?
A: My biggest take away from 2018 is to enjoy the journey. Be patient and appreciate the process. Time is literally flying by and many times we tend to want to be ten steps ahead. We want all our dreams fulfilled as soon as possible that we miss everything else happening around us. I am a firm believer that hard work and faith yields results and since I know that I will eventually get my results and rewards, then I should enjoy the process. There are many valuable lessons you can learn on your journey so don’t forget to pay attention. 

Q: What’s your driving force for the new year 2019?
A: My driving force for 2019 is my eagerness to share with the world the new and improved Sei. I’ve been so busy with school that I barely had time to share all the growth I’ve been experiencing. I’m excited to work on new projects, finish school, and start a new chapter of my life. The growth I have been experiencing couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s time to be a full-blown adult and although I’ve been terrified about finishing school and going into the world, I have had this peace in me knowing that God’s got me.

Q: Give one quote that summaries your 2018 in general?
A: “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” – Andy Rooney. “Growth is often a painful process.” – Elbert Hubbard

Q: Finally, do you think this book of 2018 would be something you would like to look into again in 2019 and compare notes? 
A: Of course, I’d love to come back again this time next year and compare my notes because I’m sure things would have changed drastically (for the better of course). This series was super helpful to me because I got to reflect on my life, and I shed a little tear when I realized I am not the same person I was five years ago or even last year. I have grown into an extremely beautiful woman (not to blow my own horn! haha) and for that, I am extremely grateful. 


To read the full Interview, visit DatOneLady’s Blog: https://datonelady.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/the-book-of-2018-seimies-chapter/

That’s all guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please leave a comment below telling me how your 2018 went. Did you love it or not? and what are you looking forward to in 2019? I love you guys so much. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me through out 2018. You all are the real MVPs. Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR QUEENS & KINGS!!!!! BYE!

Cover Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash