My Acne Journey

Hello Friends! Welcome to today's post. Today, I just wanted to tell you all about my acne journey; when I first started having acne, products I have tried, and how I defeated acne. 

First, you should know that I did not really document my acne journey but when I was going through my phone, I stumbled on some pictures and decided to share. I first had acne when I was 12 years old. I was in high school and experiencing puberty. I did not think much of it then but when I was through with high school and started college, I started having some confidence issues because of the state of my skin. I would try as much as possible to wear makeup all the time which was a remedy to hide the redness and spots but I would still have loads of pimples bumps so no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hide the pimples. Here are some pictures from about two years ago. 



This picture was taken in June 2015. My skin was going through a rough time. At this point, I was using only the Neutrogena oil-free acne wash scrub. My skin was not getting better at all but it also wasn't getting worse so I decided to continue using this product. 



 Fast forward to February 2016 (when the above picture was taken). My skin had gotten worse and I had also used two other skin products. I discontinued using the Neutrogena scrub and switched to Cetaphil daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin for a while in 2015. Months had gone by and I was not seeing any progress at all so I did some research and found out about Proactiv. I really thought that proactiv was going to be my breakthrough but as you can probably tell, my skin was not cooperating and I decided to discontinue using it. I was back to square one and it was absolutely frustrating. 



Then, one day I was at home watching Youtube videos when I came across a video by Alyssa Forever titled "How to Get Rid of Acne and Acne Scars Fast!" In that video she took us through her acne journey and swore by and so I decided to give it a try. I placed my order and when it finally arrived, I was so excited and I took the picture above to document where I started. It arrived on the 27th of May 2016 and ladies and gentlemen that was when I started my journey to clear and smooth skin. 

Honestly speaking, I did not really have high hopes for this product at first. After all I had gone through I was desperate and decided that it was worth a try. Alyssa had said in her video that it would be a long journey but you will definitely results and it wasn't a sponsored video (HAHA!!) so I believed her and I started using religiously.

When I started using it, I started seeing instant results. It was literally sucking all the oil out of my face. My face, which is already oily went through a super oily phase. It was an embarrassing time but it was totally worth it. My forehead and my T zone were always shiny and I'd rather stay at home than go anywhere. After my oily phase, my face also went through a really dry and crusty phase. I know right!! Oily then dry?? was really working wonders for me. I definitely hated my dry phase more than my oily phase. My face looked like it was peeling off and maybe that was what it was actually doing. I had crusts on my forehead and my mouth region mostly and I could not wear makeup to cover it up because makeup would look even worse. I truly wish I had taken pictures of my face then but I was so embarrassed that I did not even think of taking pictures. Anyway, about two to three months had past and my face was better than ever. My pimples were all gone, my spots were gone and my life was awesome. I also realized that good dieting helps with my skin so I changed my diet and I also started drinking more water. I was always a coca-cola lover so I drank coke two to three times everyday. Sometimes I would go through the day without any water intake. I realized I had to stop and I started a water diet. I cut down on the coke drinking and slowly weened off it. And as of now, I drink only water and I can say without a doubt that water was and is still a huge part of my journey to clear skin. It's been a year and some weeks since I started using and I couldn't be prouder of the results. Here are some pictures of my progress. Please note that since I did not document my progress, I got some pictures from my Snapchat to show the progress. 


July 2016


Sept. 2016


April 2017

Note: When my face started clearing, I would still have pimples but not as much as I had before and also not as regular. I had three to five at a time which was a miracle for me. Now that my face is completely clear, I do still have pimples but not as regularly as I did. I have like one or two at that time of the month but apart from that I have absolutely clear skin. OMG!! I can't believe I can actually say "I have clear skin." It wasn't a thing I could relate to two years ago and I'm absolutely loving my skin!! 

That's it friends. Thank you for taking time out to read about and be a part of my journey. I hope you enjoyed my post. This post is definitely not sponsored. It just worked wonders for me and I thought I'd share. Please like, share and comment. See you later. XOXO